Company Goals

Our main effort is the development of not only techniques but also production and sale of products mainly for application of liquid up to pasty agents. Focus: small quantities, quick and exact operating sequences


Since the establishment of our company we have realised special solutions mainly pretentious in the technical way and depending on the special wishes of our customers. 
Part of our devices resp procedures are for the use at laboratories. In doing so we have to observe frequently tolerances that are essentially more tight concerning exactitude and recurrence in contrast to devices and machines that are used for production only. Of course we use the know-how and the new knowledge that we gained due to new procedures also in the draft and execution of the equipment planned for the production if it is useful.


The intended large range of products and the very different requirements right from the beginning  demanded a tight co-operation with other qualified and specialized companies. But assembly as well as tasks that require a specific know-how are fundamentally carried out in our premises. Due to this combination, it is possible for us to reach also exceptional demands regarding date and technical matters.