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Amtec Kistler GmbH

The standard in the dosing of thin liquid to paste-like media

Founded in 1987, AMTEC Kistler GmbH is a leading manufacturer of machines and automation solutions for dosing and spraying liquid thin liquid to paste-like media in the automotive industry. Our customers include leading German and international automotive manufacturers and suppliers. We are the technology leader in particular for blank coating systems prior to the deep-drawing process in the automotive pressing plant (so-called spot lubrication machines). The Triboflex system sets a new industry standard here.


Amtec Triboflex®-Technology

Reliability & flexibility during the blank coating process

Amtec Blank Coating Systems are the most economical solution for entirely or partially coating steel, aluminium or stainless steel blanks with forming lubricants. Spray coating guarantees particularly thin and uniform film thicknesses.

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Blank Coating System PBS

In 1989 we designed our “blank coating system”. Since then and due to consequent development it became the most leading system.

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Car wash lab apparatus

Our “car wash lab apparatus“ simulates the mar-sensitiveness of lacquer in car wash stations  and it is established to a necessity at German producers of automotive and lacquer, even  customers in Europe as well as in Asia use it.

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The “wax gun” results from a collaboration with a German automotive company and is since then the international technical standard of cavity conservation of automobiles that is still topical. The guns are PLC-controlled and are used world-wide.

Range of more tools, machines and plants


“CompuDos” exactly doses the two components of lacquer in a range of less than one up to 50 gram. It is used in the scope “spot-repair”.
(automotive industry)

Dosing Systems

Furthermore other dosing systems are used on the one hand for the first filling of engines with oil or on the other hand for applying little quantities of salad-oil on the pastry before baking.
(automotive and foodstuffs industry)

Resin and Loading Material Kitchen

The “resin and loading material kitchen” is used for storage, conditioning and dosing of agents that are of a consistence from as liquid as water up to pasty.
(aircraft as well as space industry)

Flow Check

“FlowCheck” is a measuring technique to control the flow rate at automatic coating procedures.
(automotive industry)


The “PC-Coater” is a criterion concerning exactness and recurrence of lacquer-coating. All coating parameters can be stored and recalled if needed.
(automotive and lacquer industry)

Adhesive Application Systems

Adhesive application systems are used in the production of many different parts.
(automotive, cigarette, foodstuffs, lamp, and sanitary industry)

Laboratory Infrared-Dryer

Results that are gained from our “laboratory infrared-dryer” were important in the decision for the inauguration of a new method of drying of lacquer. 
(automotive industry)

Laboratory-Color Change System

The “laboratory-color change system” is used for simulation of the operating sequences, for analysing and optimising it concerning the production.
(automotive industry)



DUMA-BANDZINK GmbH is an international active mechanical engineering company, which is situated in Moenchengladbach, Germany. The company develops, designs, manufactures, installs and modernizes machines and equipment in the areas of strip processing and cold rolling mills for the steel industry. Other business segments include technical service and spare parts business for the previously mentioned equipment. Especially in the galvanizing process the products of DUMA-BANDZINK are worldwide used. Above all, for the production of high-quality sheets, as for example required in the automotive industry.
In addition, DUMA-BANDZINK covers all areas of electrostatic oiling of strips and boards – from regular, cost-efficient machines for applying rust-protective oils via specially developed machines for the application of different special oils, including drylube up to special machines for micro-oiling in the aluminium industry. 

With effect of 1st July all shares in AMTEC Kistler GmbH were bought by DUMA-BANDZINK GmbH. Due to this acquisition and incorporation of AMTEC Kistler, DUMA-BANDZINK is now a complete supplier in the field of oiling steel and aluminum from the production stage in the rolling mill through strip processing and up to further processing in the body pressing shop.
For further information about the company and the products please our Homepage.

Visit DUMA-BANDZINK Homepage

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Amtec Kistler GmbH

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